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This is a small sampling of predictive design models and deployments for Wi-Fi and point-to-multipoint applications. 


CWNP Wi-Fi Trek 2019: Freq. Out: What You Need to Know About Alternate Frequencies [Presentation]

WLPC US 2019: 60 GHz - What You Need to Know about 802.11ad and 802.11ay [Presentation]

CWNP Wi-Fi Trek 2018: Much Ado About Wireless Backhaul [Presentation]

Ekahau Webinar June 2018:  To Mesh, or Not To Mesh [Presentation]

CWNP Wi-Fi Trek 2017: The Future of Wi-Fi? Where Do We Go From Here?  [Presentation]

Carey Holzman (Sept 2017): Your WiFi Questions Answered

Carey Holzman (Sept 2017): WiFi - Truths and Lies

Episode 13 (July 2017):  How Integrators Can Better Serve IT Customers: Start with the Network [Article] [Podcast]

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Frontier Podcast by Ep. 126 – Thinking About Wi-Fi Network Security Holistically

Total Security Daily Advisor Logo.png

Podcast Access Control: Ep. 3 – Wireless Links in Surveillance for Dummies

Ekahau Webinar September 2018:  Understanding the Intricacies of Hospitality Wi-Fi Design [Presentation]

WLPC US 2018: Wi-Fi the Wrong Way: When You Don't Have the Luxury of Deploying the Right Way [Presentation]

WLPC US 2017: Expert Witness Testifying for Wi-Fi Networks [Presentation]

WLPC US 2016:  Deploying Wi-Fi Networks in the Real World [Presentation]

WLPC US 2015:  Challenges of the Low-End Enterprise Market [Presentation]

Episodes 021 and 022 (Jan 2016):  Small & Medium Business Wi-Fi [Part 1] [Part 2]


Total Security Daily Advisor Logo.jpg

Hintersteiner, J.  "Deploying Wireless Backhaul Links for Security: It’s Easier Than You Might Think" Total Security Daily Advisor, January 16, 2019 

Hintersteiner, J.  "Wi-Fi in Hospitality" Ekahau, September 2018 

Hintersteiner, J.  "Antenna Primer for WiFi Pros" Network Computing, 6/14/2018.  

Hintersteiner, J.  "Designing Good Wi-Fi: It's not Just Plug-and-Play" Ekahau, June 2018 

Hintersteiner, J.  "WiFi Design: Practical Shortcuts" Network Computing, 2/20/2018.  

Hintersteiner, J.  "4 WiFi Band Steering Myths." Network Computing, 8/1/2016.  

Hintersteiner, J..  "A MU-MIMO Reality Check", Network Computing, 7/7/2016.

Hintersteiner, J..  "How does MU-MIMO Work?", Network Computing, 6/27/2016.

Hintersteiner, J..  "WiFi Fast Roaming, Simplified", Network Computing, 5/23/2016.

Hintersteiner, J.  "Deploying WiFi inthe Real World." Network Computing, 4/14/2016.  

Hintersteiner, J..  "Channel Bonding in WiFi: Use Cases", Network Computing, 2/15/2016.

Hintersteiner, J.  "Channel Bonding in WiFi: Rules and Regulations" Network Computing, 1/25/2016.  

Hintersteiner, J..  "Channel Bonding in WiFi and Radio Frequency Physics", Network Computing, 1/11/2016.


Savage, M.  "Wi-Fi Alliance Strengthens Security.Network Computing, 1/8/2018.  


WLPC 2017

Ten Talk: Expert Witness Testifying for Wi-Fi Networks

CWNP WiFi Trek 2017

Where Do We Go From Here? Divergent Philosophies on the Future of Wi-Fi.

WLPC 2016

Ten Talk: Deploying Wi-Fi in the Real World

CWNP WiFi Trek 2016

Violating Wi-Fi Best Practices

2015 ASME IMECE Conference

The Application of Axiomatic Design to Complex Wi-Fi Systems

CWNP WiFi Trek 2015

Wi-Fi Challenges in the Small Enterprise Market

WLPC 2015

Ten Talk: Challenges of the Low-End Enterprise Market

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